We have encountered one of the most significant shifts in history as it relates to the church. West Orlando Christian Center continues to stand firm on it’s beliefs and foundational principals. We are grateful to God that our ministry has successfully continued to operate with no outbreaks, we are here to serve your needs as we serve our community through spiritual enrichment, educational opportunities and a place where everyone can become better in Christ. Believers are supposed to bear fruit, period! No excuses or exceptions are acceptable. God created YOU to bear fruit for His Kingdom. God, The Son, saved you so that you could produce fruit. God, The Holy Spirit, sustains you so that you will produce fruit. When you fail to produce fruit, you are a candidate for destruction. Of course, destruction can be avoided if you produce fruit. Remember, YOU are the SALT of the earth! Stand UP, Stand OUT and be a WITNESS!
I’m super glad that you are here! Enjoy your experience, get involved and grow in His grace!
Blessings and Peace!

-Pastor Byron Stevenson-