Tracks for Development

  1. Entrepreneurs Academy
    1. Teaching entrepreneurs the how’s and what’s. Students will be exposed to a wide range of speakers and networking opportunities to grow their business.
  2. Financial Literacy
    1. This will feature many professionals that will discuss and teach the student how to become savvy in the areas of finance.
    2. Building better credit.
    3. Learning about stocks and bonds, how to read and follow the stock market.
    4. Learning about corporations and their structures.
    5. Learning how to use a trust account to safe guard assets.
    6. Better investments and making our money work for us.
    7. How to send your child to college for free, invest now, and reap later.
    8. How to increase personal and family wealth.
  3. Health and Wellness
    1. Living with diabetes
    2. How to prevent cancer
    3. How to face cancer
    4. How to age better
    5. Physical fitness, building a stronger body.
  4. Biblical Studies
    1. Building our knowledge in a more in depth study, less inspiration and more literal studies.
  5. Parenting 101
    1. Many parents need tools and techniques for better parenting, meet professionals that will teach you how to become better at parenting.
  6. Personal Growth & Development
    1. Each person needs to be developed, this track will teach you how to deal with various life issues that you face. Example, “Finding Peace in a Chaotic World”
  7. Professional Development
    1. How to look, speak and think like the corporate world.
    2. Becoming more marketable.
    3. We will study the book, “The Ropes to Skip and The Ropes to Know” by Richard Ritti