Small Group FAQ

How long should my small group meeting last?

Small group meetings should be between 50 minutes to 90 minutes. Be wise and respectful of group members’ time and schedules.

How often should my group meet?

Small group meetings are your opportunity to be a light in the dark world. You can meet as often as feasible. We recommend meeting at least weekly.

How should I facilitate my group?

You should begin each session with a brief prayer and expression of faith. We recommend that you use social media and the other online tools that we have provided for you. As the group leader, you should use wisdom and the guidance of the Holy Spirit to lead your group. Prepare and have questions and ideas available to engage your group members. You should lead your group into thought-provoking and stimulating conversation. Remember, they are there because they trust you to lead them. Make it fun, relevant and powerful! Always end your meeting with a short prayer.

How will I communicate with my group?

That’s an excellent question! We are excited to connect you with our portal that will keep you connected electronically. The portal is simple and easy and will empower you to communicate with your group effectively.

Should I serve food? If so, who pays for it?

Food is your choice! If you decide to serve food, we recommend that you keep it light.  You may provide the food yourself or ask group members to bring a dish.  The expense of providing food is the sole responsibility of the provider, i.e., the group leader or group member. Alternatively, we recommend you find places like Axium Coffee Shop in Winter Garden, Starbucks, and other restaurants that are conducive for small group meetings.

When and where can I purchase the book, “Soar!” by Bishop T.D. Jakes

The books are available for purchase on our website,,  on, and most major bookstore retailers.  Just get your copy and start reading!

When does my small group begin?

Small groups begin on Monday, January 8, 2018, following the Jan. 3rd launch of 90 Days to a Better Me.

When does my small group end?

The small groups will last for approximately 45 days, we will read the book “Soar!” by Bishop T. D. Jakes and discuss it in small groups.

Where does my small group meet?

It’s your choice! You can meet in your home, your workplace lunchroom or meeting room, if allowed, Starbucks, the local library, under the tree in the park, etc.  Choose a location that will be accessible and comfortable for your group.

Who will be in my group? Do I choose or are they chosen for me?

Good Question! We encourage you to develop your small group. The goal is for you to reach out to people in your community, at your job, in your family, as an opportunity to share the love of Jesus. You are a disciple of Jesus Christ, let your light shine, and help us extend the reach of Jesus Christ! We might connect someone with your group on an as need basis. You will be given the opportunity to accept or deny entrance into your group.

Who will support me?

West Orlando Christian Center and the “90 Days to a Better Me” leadership team are here for you.   We will not “run” your group, but we will support it! Feel free to ask any of “90 Days to a Better Me” leaders for assistance, and we will give it to you!